Iran’s Petrol Prices Increase Public Protests

Iran’s home minister says defense forces will take action against those protesting the new law on Petrol prices. Protests have begun in Iran due to an unexpected increase in gasoline prices by 50%. Protests across Iran have killed one person and injured many more as the government increased fuel prices. Police blocked them when protesters set fire to a fuel warehouse. At one point one was killed. Video of the police’s clash with the protesters went viral on social media and news channels. The defense forces have expressed their views on this matter.

The Iranian government has said that the profit that comes from raising the petrol price by 50% will be spent on the welfare of the poor and helpless. But the Iranian people are unwilling to pay the extra cost that they impose on them. In 2015 Iran was withdraws nuclear deal with the United States. The United States imposed sanctions on Iran in various ways. Then Iran’s economy suffered a lot. But later, Iran continued to expand its contacts in the Middle East and become more powerful.

After the Iranian government’s announcement the new law of Petrol prices on November 17, protests spread throughout the city. In a state television interview on Saturday, Home Minister Abdul Raza said law enforcement would continue their resistance against the protesters. And they will be forced to return to the path of peace from the protests.


News by- INL –  International News Live