7 things that you should not do after eating

Health Tips: There are many people who drink tea immediately after eating or go to sleep. Experts say that after eating, many of us do things that exacerbate health problems. So they advised to abstain from this. Lifestyle website Bluegap reported some of these practices.

1. Do not smoke after eating
Experts say that smoking one cigarette immediately after eating can be compared to 5 cigarettes. The damage is even greater. So refrain from consuming cigarettes after eating.

2. Do not eat fruits after eating
Do not eat fruits immediately after eating. Because it traps the food in the stomach and prevents it from reaching the gut. Therefore, you should eat the fruit an hour before or after, especially in the morning. Because this time the body uses its nutrients in particular and provides energy.

3. Do not drink tea after eating
Drinking tea produces high amounts of acid immediately after eating. As a result, the body cannot properly take in protein from food. So food becomes difficult to digest. So drink tea for an hour after eating.

4. Do not loose the belt after eating
Usually, after filling our stomachs, the pants belt is slightly loose. Researchers say this practice is not good. If the belt is fitted, the pulse is pressed. Slipping the belt means you’re easier to eat more.

5. Do not bathe after eating
There are many who bathe after eating. According to researchers, this practice is also detrimental to health. This increases blood circulation to the hands, legs and other parts of the body. It reduces blood circulation in the stomach, it weakens digestive power.

6. Do not walk immediately after eating
Acid reflux inhibits digestion while walking along with eating. Walking for half an hour or 5 minutes after eating is very helpful. A researcher from Southern California said it helps burn calories.

7. Do not sleep immediately after eating
It is not okay to sleep immediately after eating. As a result, the food is not well digested. This is one of the major reasons for making gastric. It can also cause stomach infections.Seven things


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