United Kingdom Free Broadband for Everyone

United Kingdom (INL): The Labour’s John McDonnell pledged has announced that they will bring all households and offices under the free broadband program for everyone, if they win the election. The Labor Party will take the initiative to reach out to Internet services everywhere in the UK to digitize. In order to implement this policy, the party will nationalize some parts of the science-controlled BT. Technology will introduce a tariff on giants to pay for it.

Chancellor John McDonnell says the “20 million euros” plan will be implemented to reach broadband across the country.

The Tories said it was a “fantasy plan” that would cost taxpayers money for millions of projects.

Lib Dems says, in other words, that it is “another unnecessary item in the wish list”.

Philip Jensen, chief executive of BT, says he will work with anyone who wins the election to support Digital Britain. On the other hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged $ 5 billion to bring full fiber to every home in England by 2025. He did not talk about introducing any additional tariff for this project.


News by- INL –  International News Live