The story of an old man and his two daughters

Blog (INL): An old man had two daughters. He married his eldest daughter to a farmer and younger daughter to a potter. The family was happy with them. One day the old man thought he should go see his daughters. First he went to the house of the elder daughter. After eating, asked about their cultivation status. At the same time, the big girl started crying and said, “There has been no rain for many days. The sun has caused a lot of damage. – Their livelihoods have become difficult due to failure to produce crops. “The older daughter told her father to pray to the Creator for rain. The old man come home from there to ask for blessing. He sat in prayer and cryed for rain. The next day, it rained heavily. The old man was happy and thanked the Creator. But In this case, He Couldn’t go to see his younger daughter for rained heavily.

The next morning, when she went to her younger daughter’s house, she found that there was nothing to eat in her house. Because of the rain yesterday, all of the clay by the soil made of them have been diluted. Due to which they could not get food by selling them. But when of the severe sunshine, their family was doing well. The little girl told her father not to show rain to the Creator, to pray again for the sun. Otherwise, they will have to starve for a long time.

When the old man went home and begged the creator to stop the rain, he remembered his eldest daughter. She realized her own mistakes. He thought in his heart I was in danger of making decisions for my two daughters only, but how careful he must be to decide for the rest of the world. He is the best planner. At the end of the hymn one prayed to the Creator, “Whatever you do is good.”