Erdogan visit to the United States and meeting at the White House

US NEWS (INL): Some members of the Republican senators had a meeting with President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. ।an on foreign policy issues in the White House. Before the meeting begins, some information from Hillary is presented. Erdogan made it clear that he wanted the meeting recently because there was no proper resolution of the conflict with Syria and Turkey over various issues.

This meeting has been marked as “air purifiers”. At the same time there has been a lot of preliminary discussion about how the real divide started. US members have expressed resentment over Turkey’s purchase of weapons from Russia. However, the meeting was very messy and they did not confirm the outcome of the two-country meeting.

GOP Sens. Lindsay Graham, Jim Rish, Ted Cruz, Johnny Ernst and Rick Scott were all present, and journalists were invited to raise the topic of their investigation. The main focus of the meeting was Syria’s conflict with Turkey and the goal of selling Russian weapons to Turkey in particular. The purpose of this meeting is the friendship of the citizens of Turkey with the citizens of America. Trump and Erdogan will attend a joint press conference on November 7.

Ted Cruz says they are careful with both ISIS in Syria and the Kurdish S400s. – “We never want to go against the Turkish Kurds,” he added. Erdogan said Turkey’s Kurdish forces would solve the problem by keeping distance with the “terrorist organization”.

This meeting is Erdogan’s first bilateral meeting with Trump. Erdogan’s visit to the United States and the White House meeting – will further strengthen the two countries’ foreign relations. So that it plays a vital role in the country’s economy. The Turkish invasion began after Trump withdrew the US military from Syria. And  He criticized some Republican MPs. A month after all this, Erdogan came to visit.

News by- INL –  International News Live