Hong Kong Police shot a protester

Police shot a protester in Hong Kong‘s anti-government protests, and shortly afterwards another fire broke out in protest. Hong Kong’s political situation is much worse now that the protests lasted five months. During this time, the police opened fire on a protester, and the movement got stronger. Police clashed with a protester Monday morning. This time another protester, wearing a wax in the face of another black robe, ran towards the police.

When the police tried to stop him, the protesters approached. At one point, the police opened fire on the protesters in a black robe. The man was critically injured and fell to the ground, and rescue workers rushed him to the hospital. His condition is now  a major factor. Police fired two more shots when the protesters were on their way to the scene. Police also arrested two other protesters from the scene of the incident. The entire incident was circulated on social media within a video clip of an anonymous person.

Protesters have become more aggressive since the incident on 11th Nov, Monday morning. And in Hong Kong, they staged demonstrations. They set up barricades in the middle of the road, causing intense traffic in various parts of the city, while protesters noticed police and threw petrol bombs. Later, riot police were deployed to counter their movements.

As a result of the movement, holidays were announced at five Hong Kong universities. Metro rail disruption is disrupted and the atmosphere was halted throughout the city. It’s None of the first protesters shot in Hong Kong’s movement, in October police launched a gunshot wound to a 18-year-old man

The United Kingdom returned Hong Kong to China in the “one country, two Systems” formula – in the 1997. The condition was that Hong Kong would be guaranteed “semi-autonomous and independent judicial system” from China under this formula. Hong Kong has already passed 20 years under China, but so far the residents of the autonomous Peninsula have not been able to find their self. In Hong Kong, anti-China sentiment is emerging every day. Most people in Hong Kong still cannot think of themselves as citizens of China. Demanding full independence, however, is not being implemented by China. Now this is the result of this movement.


News by- INL –  International News Live