Some story of Mother

>>The spider’s eggs hatch. Hundreds of small children.
Hungry babies need food right after they arrive on earth. But the spider cannot leave the spider’s children to bring food, fearing that someone may come and harm the baby. Accordingly, the spider mother eventually makes her body the baby’s food. The children eat the body of their mother and go away once in the way.
The mother’s body falls behind.
Mother …

>>About the time of Japan’s earthquake.
Rescuers have come to the rescue of a survivor from the wreckage of a collapsed house. At the time, they could see the body of a woman under a collapsed pillar inside the house. Cement piles have fallen on the woman’s back. The woman is kneeling down on the ground. It is as if the woman is trying to hide from the injury of the pillar. Rescue team cut the Cement piles and found the body of a woman, a one-year-old baby was found inside. Cute Baby.  The mother kept the baby covered in such a way to protect her baby so that she could break the pillar and fall on the mother’s back. In the hope of surviving the life of a child.
Mother …

>>Morning view of one of the city’s oldest mansions. A boy brings his ailing mother to old age. Five hundred dollars was donated to the old workers, to give his mother space. The old woman died that night. The old woman’s son was informed that his mother had died. The boy rushed to get the news.
Why? For the love of the mother?
No! – The old woman’s son, without seeing the body properly, offers a bribe to the manager of the old house – I’ll give you five thousand dollars. You just come to the police inquiry and say, you found this woman dead on the street. Don’t say that I brought him here tomorrow.
On that day, the manager of the old house became speechless after hearing about the boy. Is there a boy who cannot take responsibility for the dead mother’s body?

>>That’s the winter night at the train station. The service was very cold.
The old mother takes the boy to the platform. So poor that there is only one sheet to wear in winter. An old mother suffering from pneumonia. Every day, as the boy recovered from work, as useally took the sheet from his mother’s body and fell asleep. Cold shaking in the winter. The old woman was found dead in the morning. When the old woman’s body was found, the sheet was on her son.
Mother …

Sometimes I wonder what the definition of the word mother is. I don’t found it.
You can reach the bottom of the abyss, the distant galaxy can travel, but the love of a man named Ma cannot be found anywhere.
There is no barometer to measure the love of mothers on this earth.


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