The story of a wonderful woman

-A wonderful woman told a farmer that I would marry you.
Farmers are crazy about the appearance of women. The farmer, without delay, took the woman to the priest and said, “Give us your wedding soon.”

He is also mad at the priestly woman’s appearance. The priest said, Hey son of a farmer, you are not fit for this woman, I will marry this beautiful girl.

There was a quarrel between the farmer and the priest. At one point the peasants and priests went to the king’s court.

-The king is mad at the woman’s appearance. The king said, “I will marry this woman unworthy of both. Then the woman was told who would you decide who to marry? -The woman said that I would marry her who could run me. The women ran after the peasants, priests and kings. The farmer died while running for a while. Shortly afterwards, the priest died in the same condition. The king said to the woman, now I am alone, let’s marry.

-Well women say, no? I have to run. And the king, having no ability to run, said, “Stand up Henry, tell me who you really are.” The woman said I was the riches of this world. I have only giddiness, fascination and greed. He who runs after me will die only in this way and will receive nothing in return.

Synopsis: ~~~~~ Every man on earth should expect riches according to his needs.

Sometimes just wanting money just wanting money this way is always unreasonable to run behind money.

We should keep in mind that there is a limit to the accumulation of wealth just as everyone has a certain amount of food in their stomach. There is also a limit to the greedy craving that crosses like an extra whirlwind balloon if you cross it just in time.

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