Johnson apologizes for the delay in the Brexit deal

In an interview with UK news media BBC, Johnson said he “apologized for the delay in the Brexit deal”. He said in his campaign that if he could come to power on December 12, Brexit would be implemented. However, the Conservative Party earlier said they would withdraw from the Brexit decision if they won the election. But Johnson’s statement made clear that Brexit would be effective if he won the election.

Johnson said that if his Conservative Party wins the election, he will remove the UK from the European Union in six weeks. He blamed parliament for failing to implement the Brexit deal after negotiations with the European Union. He changed the European Union several times, but was banned from working.

Boris Johnson says the UK has a trade agreement with United State Chief Donald Trump, which will take effect after the December 12 election.

Various UK leaders are campaigning to promote their commitment. The Green Party says it will invest $ 100 billion in climate action in the first year if it wins the election. Liberal Democrats have pledged to spend $ 2.2 billion a year promoting health care.They will increase the income tax by 1% and provide this money.

All parties are running their election campaign in unanimous way. It is worth mentioning here that Theresa May won by a total of 317 seats in the election of 2016. His main rival, Jeremy Corbyn won 216 seats. But Theresa May left power this year, unable to resolve the Brexit issue. Then on July 24, Boris Johnson Became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. . But he was unable to resolve the Brexit issue, then he called election on 12th December 2019. The future of the United Kingdom with the European Union depends on the outcome of the next election.


News by- INL –  International News Live