Turkey sending a second search ship to the Black Sea amid tensions

Turkey sending another exploration ship to the Black Sea amid tensions with Greece over oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean. As a result, tensions are expected to rise in the region.

Turkey’s Energy Minister Fateh Donmaz said in a tweet on Sunday that his country was sending another ship to explore for oil and gas in the Black Sea. He said that the ship named ‘Kanuni’ will start its work soon. News from The Sputnik.

However, Donmaj did not say exactly where in the Black Sea the search would be conducted. Tensions have risen between Turkey, Greece and Cyprus over Turkey’s mineral resources in the eastern Mediterranean since Turkey recently signed an agreement with Libya’s national unity government on oil and gas exploration at sea.

Ankara continues to explore for oil and gas in disputed areas of the sea, despite opposition from Greece. For this they have sent research and search ships to the sea.

Greece, on the other hand, has instructed its military to monitor Turkish ships.

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