10 countries will take 400 orphans from the burning camp in Greece

Ten European countries will take care of 400 orphaned children in the Moria refugee camp that was burned on the Greek island of Lesbos. Germany and France will take most of them.

German Interior Minister Host Gehufa made the announcement at a news conference on Friday. He says that out of these 400 children, Germany and France will take 100 to 150; The Netherlands will take 50 and Finland 11.

The remaining children will be taken to Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Portugal. Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the Greek prime minister to discuss the issue.

The Greek government has also sent a delegation to resolve the local crisis.

The Moria camp was completely gutted in a fire last Wednesday. 13,000 refugees found refuge here. Refugees have been living under the open sky on the roadsides for the past few days. Greece’s largest refugee camp has people from many countries, but 80 percent of them are from Afghanistan. There were four times as many refugees in this camp as could be imagined.

The BBC reports that Margaret Shinas, vice-president of the European Commission, visited the Moria refugee camp. He has announced to set up a camp with modern facilities at the same place. The Greek government has also sent a delegation to resolve the local crisis. But local residents have opposed the announcement. They retaliated by saying they would not allow any refugee camps to remain there. They are not even giving any relief to the refugees who are starving for half a day.

Locals are obstructing the road so that the relief fleet of various charities cannot reach there. The local municipal representative, Vangelis Violetosis, told the AFP news agency that now was the right time to close Moria for the betterment of the area.

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