North Korea issues shoot-to-kill orders to prevent Coronavirus

Kim’s country has come up with a new way to stop the spread of coronavirus from China to North Korea. Robert Abraham, the US commander in South Korea, has revealed that he was shot dead in the country.

He claims that Pyongyang is shooting at Corona victims to prevent infection.

Abraham attended an online conference hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington on Thursday.

He said North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un had taken a “tragic approach” to preventing the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Instead of treating a person with corona, he instructed them to shoot as soon as they saw him. Kim’s country has also created a special force for this. They shot and killed the victim.

North Korea is one of the most economically backward countries in the world. Their only ally is neighboring China. Pyongyang imports 75 percent of its supplies from that country. But North Korea closed its border with China in early January to prevent Corona. A state of emergency was declared across the country in June, state media reported. In addition, a new buffer zone was created 2 km before the Chinese border. As a result, smuggling across the border has largely stopped. It has affected the prices of goods.

Military experts say the biggest challenge for Kim now is tackling the country’s Corona situation. So Pyongyang will not take any major military action right now.

But analyzing a satellite image released by CSIS, experts say North Korea is preparing for a new missile test. This new missile can be launched from a submarine hidden in the sea. Countless countries in the world have such missiles. In other words, Kim’s country has focused on increasing the power of the army even in the midst of the epidemic.

Trump wrote in a tweet on Thursday without any explanation that Kim Jong Un is in good physical condition. Never underestimate him!

Earlier, a man suspected of being infected with the coronavirus was shot dead in North Korea. He was killed for violating quarantine conditions.

The government official recently returned to the country from China. He was quarantined at the hospital as a precaution against coronavirus.

The South Korean daily Dong reported, citing North Korean sources, that the man had gone to a public toilet without informing a doctor while in quarantine. He was arrested as soon as he came out of the toilet. The man was then shot dead for fear of spreading the coronavirus.

The dead man worked for North Korea’s National Security Agency. He recently returned home from China.

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