Ali Banat: the man with the Gift of Cancer

A young Australian entrepreneur Ali Banat said, ‘A pair of sandals costs a lot more to me than an expensive car. I saw an African child with bare feet and gave him a pair of sandals. After that, I was satisfied to see the smile on his face, but I did not get to see this car. ‘

He used to ride a Ferrari Skyder worth 600,000 dollars (or five crore 10 lakh rupees). When Ali Banat made this comment in response to a question about this expensive car, he was a different person. He has broken the bow to stand by the helpless. But the time at hand is very short. He has been diagnosed with cancer. Ali Banat lived only three years after 2015.

But in this short time, he has set an exemplary example of standing by the side of helpless people. His organization is bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of African children, relying on helpless women. Ali Banat was born in 1982 in Sydney, Australia. He made his debut as a successful entrepreneur at the age of just 21. Founded a security and an electrical company. Became accustomed to luxurious life. However, his life changed after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July 2015.

Doctors set a time limit of seven months. However, he fought cancer and survived for three years. In these three years, he donated all his wealth to the underprivileged people.

“Cancer has given me a chance to change, it has opened my eyes,” said the tearful Ali Banat, referring to cancer as a “gift from Allah” in an interview with OnePath Network on YouTube.

In October 2015, he founded the charity Muslim’s Around the World (MATW). Through this, she stood by the side of thousands of helpless women and children in Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso in Africa. Established a village at the initiative of MATW. Where accommodation is provided for 200 widows. He established mosques, schools and hospitals. Arranged accommodation for 600 orphans. Founded several businesses to benefit the local people. Apart from this, he did various other social works including sanitation and clean water supply in different areas. He later set up Go Fund Me to encourage the rich to donate to human welfare. It is still helping millions of people around the world by raising millions of dollars.

Before his death, Ali Banat said to everyone, “I am free from my car, my expensive watch, even my clothes. After being diagnosed with cancer, I went abroad and donated all these to the needy and helpless people. I don’t want to take anything from this world, I can’t take it.” Ali Banat died on May 29, 2018. Source: Daily Times,

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