Coronavirus: 19.6 million people have been infected worldwide

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 19.6 million (1 crore 96 lakh). Of these, more than 0.7 million (7 lakh 25 thousand) people have died.

The United States tops the list in terms of attacks and deaths. Schools have been reopened in the country in the wake of the catastrophe.

As of 6:30 pm US time on Friday, according to the World Omiters, 19.6 million (1 crore 96 lakh 8 thousand 63) people have been infected with coronavirus in the world and 0.7 million (7 lakh 25 thousand 68) people have died.

The condition of 64 thousand 984 people is alarming. 10 million (1 crore 25 lakh 87 thousand 767) people have recovered. In the last 24 hours, 28,309 (2 lakh 83 thousand 9) people have been newly infected in the world and 6 thousand 448 people have died.

In the last 24 hours, 63,211 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the United States. At the same time 1 thousand 290 people died. With this, 5.9 million (50 lakh 96 thousand 405) people were affected in the country and 164,405 (1 lakh 64 thousand 112) people died.

Corona infections and deaths continue, but schools have reopened in the United States. Several state schools in the country have reopened since Saturday. However, in that case, if anyone is attacked, he has been asked to be sent to quarantine. New York has also given the green signal to open the school.

In the last 24 hours, 49,521 people have been infected and 1,057 people have died in Brazil, which is in the second place in the list. The total number of patients in the country is 2.9 million (29 lakh 67 thousand 185, 99 thousand 702) people have died.

India, ranked third in the world, has infected 61,455 people in the last 24 hours. 940 people died at the same time. With this, more than 50,000 patients have been identified in the country for 9 consecutive days.

The number of patients in India is 2.1 million (21 lakh 7 thousand 695, 42 thousand 798) people have died. In the fourth place, the number of patients in Russia is .08 million (8 lakh 82 thousand 335, 14 thousand 754) people have died.

In South Africa, which is in the fifth place, 0.5 million (5 lakh 45 thousand 47)1 people were infected and 9 thousand 909 people died. In the sixth place, 0.4 million (4 lakh 69 thousand 490) patients died in Mexico and 51 thousand 316 people died.

In Peru, which is in the seventh place, 0.4 million (4 lakh 63 thousand 359 people) were infected and 20 thousand 424 people died.

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