If Biden is president, the United States will rule China!

China will rule the United States if Democratic nominee Joe Biden is elected in the upcoming presidential election, said US President Donald Trump.

Trump made the remarks at a news conference in New Jersey on Friday, the New York Times reported.

He said China would be happy if Donald Trump lost to the beleaguered Joe Biden. If Joe Biden wins, China will rule the United States. Iran also wants me to lose the election.

Trump assured that if re-elected, the United States would soon reach an agreement with North Korea and Iran.

On the same day, William Evanina, head of the US National Counterintelligence and Security, accused China, Russia and Iran of trying to interfere in the US presidential election.

The three countries want to win the candidate of their choice. For this they are trying to interfere in the vote through direct and indirect effects.

He added that all three countries are trying to spread rumors online and in other ways influence the democratic system, create chaos and undermine the confidence of US voters.

Such remarks by the country’s top intelligence official about the upcoming elections have caused controversy.

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