Former King of Spain Carlos has fled to Abu Dhabi

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos has left the country after an investigation into allegations of corruption began. He handed over power to his son six years ago.

The Spanish Supreme Court ordered an investigation into corruption allegations against Carlos in June over a deal to build a high-speed rail project in Saudi Arabia.

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos, who fled the country after an investigation into allegations of corruption began, is now in the UAE. He is staying at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The Spanish daily ABC News reported on Friday.

After the death of the Spanish dictator General Franco in 1975, Juan Carlos has been instrumental in bringing the country to democracy. In 2014, after 40 years on the throne, he handed over power to his son.

A Spanish company has won a 600 million job for Saudi Arabia’s Mecca-Medina rail project. After the transfer of power in 2014, the country’s Supreme Court took the initiative to prove the involvement of Juan Carlos in corruption with the Saudi project.

As long as he was king, he had immunity. The court ordered the investigation to begin in June. Then suddenly the former king left the country. However, no official information has been released about his whereabouts.

A private plane from Paris to Abu Dhabi landed in the Spanish city of Vigo on Monday (August 3) morning, ABC reports. From there, Juan Carlos, four security guards and another man were picked up on the plane. Upon arrival at Al Batin Airport in Abu Dhabi, Carlos and his companions were taken by helicopter to the Hotel Emirates Palace.

A spokesman for Spain’s royal family claimed he did not know where Carlos was. His lawyer did not respond to a request for comment. The Spanish government is not saying anything about it.

Some media reports have claimed that Carlos is stationed in different parts of the Dominican Republic and Portugal. However, neither side claimed to know anything about Carlos.

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