The Lebanese people want to hand over the country to France

The people of Lebanon want to hand over power to France for the next 10 years. A petition has already been opened in this regard. About 60 thousand people have signed it so far.

Hundreds of people have been killed in a bomb blast at a seaport in the capital, Beirut. They are blaming the government’s corruption and mismanagement for the August 4 disaster.

People have taken to the streets expressing strong distrust towards the government. In the petition, they present the current context of the country and demand that the French rule be effective. However, French President Emmanuel Macro has rejected the demands of the Lebanese people.

He says France no longer wants to take over the management of Lebanon. It is not possible. It is by no means the solution to the problem. News Middle East Monitor and AP.

Two days after the blast, French President Macron arrived in Beirut for the first time as a foreign leader. Arriving in Beirut on Thursday (August 6th) with relief and rescue forces, he toured the destroyed roads, including the site of the blast.

Accidents as terrible as Ammonium nitrate
Terrible accident in Lebanon caused by ammonium nitrate.

Then the signing of the popular petition began. “The Lebanese rulers have ultimately failed to manage the state,” it said. The country, plagued by corruption, terrorism and insurgency, is on the brink of destruction. We believe that Lebanon should return to French rule in order to establish a transparent and stable system of government. “

The next day (Friday), Macro met with Lebanese President Aoun. “Lebanon will continue to sink unless there is a change in the country’s leadership,” the French president warned at the meeting.

He said his country was on Lebanon’s side, will remain. However, he made it clear that France would not come forward with a single penny of aid unless the power structure changed.

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