UK political parties have called a TV show on global warming

UK News (INL): Leaders of the Labor Party, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats have called for a television show on climate change before the election. They say this is the right time to tackle global warming. If this is not resolved now, the situation will be dire in the coming days.

London’s school strikers, students and pensioners have come together to call for direct talks with political leaders through a television program before the December election. They are campaigning after the week, so that political leaders are compelled to do.

Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn endorsed the proposal, saying it would bring about a lot of changes in the upcoming elections, and that it was the last chance to save this planet.

Extreme levels of snow have fallen over the past one year due to various reasons including greenhouse effect, wildfire. From now on it is impossible to ignore without taking effective measures.

Thousands of schoolchildren in the UK have taken to the streets demanding effective action on climate change, and the protests have stunned a large part of London.
On behalf of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey says: “Climate crisis has already done irreparable harm to our planet; PM candidates should be shining now to combat climate change.”
If no action is taken in this regard, many parts of the planet will soon be submerged under water for a lifetime.

News by- INL –  International News Live