Indian Serial killer: ‘No more accounts after 50 murders’

Indian police have arrested a serial killer who has killed more than 50 people in cold blood. After the murder, he would throw the corpses in a canal so that the crocodile group would eat them and not have any evidence of his crime.

Delhi police claim they have arrested a serial killer who has confessed to killing at least 50 people. Devendra Sharma, an 62-year-old Ayurveda doctor by profession, was arrested on Tuesday night on the outskirts of Delhi, police said.

Sharma told police that he had committed so many murders that he did not keep an account after 50 murders. Apart from the murder, the man was also involved in kidney trafficking and other frauds, the Delhi Police claimed. Apart from the murders, the man was also involved in kidney trafficking and other frauds, the Delhi Police claimed.

“We think this person may have committed more than 100 murders,” said Rakesh Powaria, deputy commissioner of the Delhi Crime Branch. We are trying to find old information from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.

Devinder Sharma was serving a life sentence in Rajasthan after being convicted of several murders and kidnappings and more than 100 kidney trafficking cases.

He has been missing since his release:

He was released on a 20-day parole in January this year after 17 years in prison and has been missing ever since. The Delhi Police was looking for him to evade parole. They may know that at first he was at a relative’s house in Delhi. Then he went to Baprola.

There he married a distant relative and was brokering a land house and trying to sell a house in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, to a businessman in Jaipur. Delhi Police finally searched his residence and arrested him.

The description that Sharma gave to the police about becoming a deadly murderer from a doctor is very strange. After passing medical school from Bihar, he moved to Rajasthan in the mid-eighties.

In the early nineties he tried to take over a cooking gas agency. Although he spent 11 lakh rupees for this, he was deceived. The financial crisis comes down.

Then slowly his criminal life began. He opened a fake gas agency in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, he also became involved in the kidney smuggling team in Rajasthan.

His style of killing was fancy:

He smuggled 125 kidneys, for which he received Rs 5 to 6 lakh each. In 2001, he was caught in Uttar Pradesh for fraud. He started killing one after another. The manner in which he was killed was fancy.

He and his companions used to rent a car to go to Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. The driver was killed in a secluded place and dumped in the Hazara canal in Kashganj, the killer told police.

There are many crocodiles in that canal. The corpses ate them. So the body could not be found. In the same way, the truck full of cooking gas was snatched and the driver was killed and the body was dumped in the canal.

Eventually, this horrible serial killer was arrested as a fugitive accused on parole.

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