Three Indian soldiers killed in an attack on Myanmar border

India, Asia: Three members of the country’s Assam Rifles have been killed and six others injured in a unnoticed attack in the Chandel district near the Myanmar border in India’s northeastern state of Manipur. Indian officials believe the attack was carried out by members of the People’s Liberation Army, a separatist group based in Manipur.

The attack on a 15-member Assam Rifles unit near the Indo-Myanmar border took place between 6:30 pm and 6:00 pm on Wednesday (July 29th).

A local official said Assam Rifles soldiers were attacked on their way back to the base on Wednesday evening after a three-day operation at the international border. The troops attacked Khantal in Manipur, about 3 km from the Indo-Myanmar border.

He said members of the Assam Rifles, just two kilometers from the base, were hit by an IED. After the blast, shelling started near the village of Sajik Tampak. Three soldiers were killed on the spot. Six others were also injured. The injured were rushed to a military hospital in Manipur, the official said. But so far no one has claimed responsibility.

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