US Coronavirus: About 5 million will be infected by July

US News (INT News): The global epidemic of coronavirus in the United States has risen to nearly 4.35 million. The news agency Reuters quoted the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as saying. A total of 74,818 people were infected in the country on Saturday, compared to the previous day’s daily calculations.

According to COVID-19 model, more than 5 million Americans will be infected with coronavirus and 150,000 will die by the end of July. Now the death toll has risen to 1,45,013.

The number of cases has risen since the first cases were reported in the United States in January. Statistics show that it took 98 days for the number of identified patients to reach one million after the onset of the epidemic in the United States.

And now in just 16 days the infection has increased from 3 million to 4 million. The rate of infection says at least one in every 82 Americans has been infected at some point.

United States also disagrees with wearing mask.

On an average, more than 2,600 people are infected with the virus every hour across the United States. The worst situation was in New York at the beginning of the epidemic. Although the situation there is now under control, the virus has spread across the country.

Patients are overflowing in hospitals in most states. But how to control this epidemic; There is a lot of disagreement between the federal government, the states, the governors and the local administrations.

Disagreements have also begun in the United States over wearing masks. Many Americans feel that their constitutional rights are being violated by forcing them to wear masks and maintain social distance.

President Donald Trump himself thought so. Although in the end he too was forced to wear a mask in public. However, he also said that it is not possible to maintain social distance, only wear a mask.

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