United States will build a research center under the sea

Oceans cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface. But according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), humans have managed to conquer only 5 percent of this vast body of water. And has been able to bring 20 percent on the map. The rest is still unknown to man. Plans are afoot to build a research center on the seabed to know the unknown.

According to US media CNN, US researcher Fabian Costa and industry director Ives Behar are planning to build the research center under the sea. According to their plan, the research center will be 60 feet below sea level off the coast of the Dutch island of Curacao in the Caribbean Sea. Its area will be 4 thousand square feet. Scientists and researchers from around the world will come here to study the effects of climate change on the oceans and the animals under the sea.

The two-story circular laboratory will have a main laboratory, researchers’ quarters, a medical center and a pool. Anyone can go down to this pool and go under the sea. Just as the International Space Station has been set up in Earth orbit for space research, this research center under the sea will be built in the same shape. Government agencies, scientists and the private sector will also be able to take part here. “Winning the oceans is a thousand times more important than conquering space,” Fabian Costa told Ives Behar in a video call. Because the survival of the world depends largely on the sea. ‘

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