China launches ambitious Tianwen-1 Mars rover mission

China has launched a spacecraft to Mars in a bid to increase its dominance in space by colliding with the United States. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft was launched from the southern Chinese island of Hainan on Thursday. The Chinese spacecraft has an orbiter, lander and rover.

According to CNN media sources, the Chinese spacecraft will first orbit Mars. From there a rover will land on the Red Planet. The rover will explore the soil nature of Mars, the geography of the planet, the weather, the atmosphere and the source of water.

Both China and the United States want to take advantage of the time when Earth and Mars will come closer to each other. The United States has also announced that it will launch a Mars rover on the 30th of this month. If all goes well, NASA will succeed in landing the seventh spacecraft on the land of Mars through preservation. And at the same time the success of landing the fourth rover will come. The spacecraft launched by the two countries is expected to reach Mars by February 2021.

Earlier, NASA’s rover ‘Curiosity’ first landed on Mars in 2012. The rover is still in motion and regularly sends Mars information to NASA scientists on Earth. In comparison, Tianwen-1 is going to be China’s first mission to Mars.

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