UK has at least 100,000 slave workers

A new study has found that there are at least 100,000 modern slaves in Britain. This number is 10 times more than the government estimates. Human rights activists say 90 percent of the victims are unidentified. The news agency Reuters reported such information.

The anti-slavery charity Justice and Care and the Center for Social Justice say the exact number of slaves will be even higher. The coronavirus will force many more people to become compulsory workers in car wash factories and brothels.

The study comes just days after fashion company Buhur was accused of supplying workers to a low-paid garment factory in Leicester, central England.

It has also been alleged that they have failed to protect these workers from COVID-19 disease. Buhu said last week that they were investigating the incident.

Justice and Care says political leadership in tackling modern slavery has declined in recent years. And the anti-slavery law in 2015 was probably made out of a false sense of security.

Christian Guy, the charity’s chief executive, said that while Britain continues to fight modern slavery, more needs to be done than just pass the modern slavery law five years ago.

He said 90 per cent of the victims remained unrecognized. Thousands of traffickers are moving uncontrollably.

Last year, 10,626 victims were identified in Britain. Which was 52 percent more than the previous year.

British Home Secretary Preeti Patel said her ministry would review the report closely. Modern slavery laws are a great success in suppressing this heinous crime. The UK has started fighting to get rid of such scoundrels.

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