Teenage Max Melia Invents Wristband to Keep You Safe

We put our hands on our faces for a variety of reasons. But this practice is not good at all during the Corona epidemic. These common habits can lead to serious health risks. This is because the germs in the hands can get into the eyes, nose and mouth. That’s why teenager Max Melia (15) has invented a special wristband to prevent hand touch on the face. A watch called Vybpro will help to stop subconsciously touching the face. This can be a great relief from corona disease. CNN Online reports this information.

Max, a UK citizen, told CNN: “The news of the Corona epidemic shows that people around the world are living in a catastrophic situation. But that’s right, I didn’t realize it until my mother and father was infected. Truth be told, this horror has inspired me to work on it.

If the hand moves to the face while waving, the watch will sound a warning. Whenever the hand comes close to the face, it will give a warning. The watch was invented with a combination of special technology and mathematical terminology.

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