Delhi riots: 9 Muslims killed for not saying ‘Jai Sriram’

The final chargesheet issued by the Delhi Police has revealed that nine people were killed in the Delhi riots for not saying ‘Jai Sriram’. The dead were all from the Muslim minority.

The chargesheet states. The attackers kept in touch with each other by forming WhatsApp groups. They wanted to know the identities of the people in different areas. If they belonged to different religions, they would be forced to say ‘Joi Sriram’. If anyone refused to say that, the accused would even commit murder.

The head of the murderous group ‘Hardcore Hindu Unity’ is out of reach of the police.

The chargesheet further said that on the night of February 25, the WhatsApp group ‘Hardcore Hindu Unity’ was formed. Where there were about 125 members. Who will spread unrest in which area, how will unrest spread, who will stay in that area, even the supply of weapons in this group. However, the Delhi Police has stated in the chargesheet that the creator of the group, i.e. the one who formed the group, is still out of reach. They added that 48 people left the group on March 8. However, their members are now active in India and neighboring Bangladesh. And killing Muslims is one of their main tasks.

The chargesheet, filed with the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate on June 29, details the killings of nine people. Those 9 are Hamza, Amin, Bhure Ali Mursalin, As Muhammad, Musharraf, Akil Ahmed, Hasim Ali and Amir Khan.

Tabrez Ansari killed for not saying ‘Jai Sriram’. He applied for life before he died. Image-BBC

The chargesheet said, “On the night of February 25 and 26, Jatin Sharma, Rishav Chowdhury, Vivek Panchal, Lokesh Solanki, Pankaj Sharma, Prince, Sumit Chowdhury, Ankit Chowdhury and Himanshu Tagore were active in Gangabihar area along with other rioters.” They killed those 9 Muslims.

How were they killed? According to the police chargesheet, the rioters wanted to know the names of ordinary people on the streets to know their religion. Even, the identity matched with the identity card. People of different religions were forced to say ‘Jai Sriram’. If he refuses to speak, he will be beaten on the forehead. They were even beaten to death.

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