Bill Gates has criticized Facebook-Twitter on coronavirus issue

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has blamed social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, for spreading false information about the coronavirus epidemic.

He spoke directly about the issue in an interview with US business magazine Fast Company in the context of many conspiracy theories centered on him in the Covid-19 situation this year.

Bill Gates said, ‘Couldn’t social media be more helpful in matters? Do we have creativity in this case? Sadly, these digital tools probably play a key role in spreading the idea of ​​insanity in our eyes. “

Bill Gates has been vocal about the Corona epidemic from the beginning. He has also invested heavily in the discovery of vaccines to prevent epidemics. It also announced the establishment of at least seven factories before the invention of the vaccine.

Besides, he is often giving directional statements about the situation. He told the BBC there was a shortage of investment in the wake of the epidemic. There was no preparation. That is why we are now living in an unprotected state.

According to a BBC report, Bill Gates took the stage at a conference in Vancouver, Canada in 2015 and issued a stern warning. Various theories have now spread around that video.

Bill Gates said at the time, “If something kills more than a million people in the next few decades, it could be a more contagious virus than war.”

“There’s a lot of skepticism,” Gates said. Some people find it suspicious. Some have even brought my name to the center of it. So it’s scary. “

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