China claims ownership of a Russian city after Ladakh

China, Asia: China is embroiled in a dispute with India over land ownership in the Ladakh region. Less than a month has passed since 23 Indian soldiers were killed there. Tensions are running high between the two countries, with Delhi and Beijing stockpiling heavy weapons along the border.

In such a situation, this time China has claimed ownership of a Russian city. The incident was described by the Indian media as a ‘danger call’.

According to the Indian media Times Now, the Russian city of Vladivostok has claimed Beijing. However, Russia has not yet responded.

A video of the event was posted on the Chinese microblogging website last Friday (July 3) to mark the 160th anniversary of the city of Vladivostok, the report said. Chinese diplomats, journalists and intellectuals have objected to the video of the Russian embassy in China.

Russia occupied the city of Vladivostok in 1860

They claim that the original name of the city of Vladivostok was ‘Heishenwy’. The city was part of China during the Qing Dynasty. The struggle for colonization began with the Industrial Revolution in Europe. As a result, a big change took place on the world map. Britain and France started fighting to occupy China. After the defeat of China in the Second Opium War, Russia occupied the city of Vladivostok in 1860.

“Russia built a military port in Vladivostok in 1860,” said Shen Shiwei, a Chinese state media reporter. But that city is actually Heishenwai. Russia seized the Chinese city as a result of the unequal Beijing Agreement.

Meanwhile, India is increasing its friendship with Russia due to enmity with China. India’s defense ministry has allocated about Rs 37,900 crore to buy warplanes, missiles and defense hardware from the country. Approval has been given by the central government to meet this demand as soon as possible.

The approval was given at a special military committee meeting on Thursday (July 2nd), NDTV quoted Indian news agency PTI as saying.

Experts claim that the decision was taken after reviewing the ongoing border tensions between India and China to make the country’s military self-sufficient.

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