Europe Travel: EU to allow in visitors from 14 ‘safe’ countries

The European Union (EU) has allowed citizens of 14 countries considered “safe” to travel to Europe from July 1. The United States, Brazil, Russia and China have been dropped from the list. India and Bangladesh are also not on the list. Meanwhile, as Brexit has not yet been finalized, British citizens will be considered as EU citizens. This travel ban will not be effective for them. News from the BBC.

The EU’s corona border restrictions have already been lifted for European citizens. Then came the announcement of the EU.

The list includes Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Algeria, Georgia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

The list of safe countries in the EU has already been approved by most of the member states of the alliance. That means 55 percent of the countries, whose population is about 65 percent in Europe, have signed the list with approval. However, some member states, including Spain, Greece and Portugal, are hesitant. Although Spain wants to take its tourism industry back to its former glory, it also wants to ensure health safety in the wake of the horrors in the Corona. That is why some countries, including Spain, are still hesitant about new decisions. However, they will also announce the decision on Tuesday.

EU diplomats say the new list of safe countries could change further. The EU will include China in the list if the Chinese government similarly lifts travel bans on European tourists.

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