Strict restrictions again in 16 states of the United States

Strict restrictions have been re-imposed in 16 states as corona infection continues to rise in the United States.

The BBC reported on Tuesday that corona is growing in the United States in such a way that 16 states have had to move away from it after the decision to lift the lockdown. Arizona is the latest name in this list.

The Arizona administration had earlier said it would lift restrictions and reopen economic activities, but had taken a U-turn after 3,858 people were infected with the coronavirus in a single day.

The state governor has issued a new order that all bars, nightclubs, gyms, cinemas and water parks will be closed until July 27.

Earlier, several states, including Texas, Florida, Kansas, Oregon, and New Jersey, re-imposed restrictions after the spread of covid-19 infection.

According to World Meters, an international organization that keeps track of corona, the number of people infected with corona in the United States so far is 2.67 million. It killed 128,824 people. And 1,122,598 people have returned home after recovering.

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