The days of domination are over: Putin to US

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again warned against Western hegemony abroad. He criticized the hegemonic attitude of the West, including the United States, saying that the days of extreme selfishness and domination of others in international relations were over. These have become ineffective in this age.

He made the remarks on a Russian television program on Sunday. Putin said the whole world must now realize the fact that there is no alternative to working together to tackle collective crises. At the same time, no country can succeed in trying to dominate the international arena.

Earlier, in a joint statement, the foreign ministers of Russia and Iran strongly opposed the West’s attempt to establish a monopoly on international relations. The joint statement was issued during Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif’s visit to Moscow on June 16. The 13-point statement was signed by Zarif and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

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