China has occupied Indian territory in Galwan Valley

The Chinese army has set up 18 military bases in the Galwan Valley, occupying Indian territory. These installations have been constructed occupying an area of about 9 km. India has sent 45,000 troops with heavy weapons to the area to bring the situation under control.

Indian media outlet NDTV reported the news on Sunday (June 26th). The news also published pictures of Chinese installations captured on satellite.

According to Anandabazar, an analysis of photographs taken between June 22 and 26 showed that China had built infrastructure at the site of the June 15 clash in Galwan. That being said, Patrol No. 14 is internationally recognized as being under Indian control. But in that place, Beijing is increasing its army by building one infrastructure after another.

This possibility has been emphasized by the Ministry of Defense. That image also came in the hands of NDTV. Image-NDTV

Interior Ministry intelligence has claimed that China has crossed the Line of Control (LoC) along the Galway River and entered within 137 meters. It is said that Indian forces have been patrolling the area for a long time.

According to reports, images of the black triple along the Line of Actual Control have recently been captured in satellite imagery. Of that triple Chinese forces; This possibility has been emphasized by the Ministry of Defense. That image also came in the hands of NDTV.

That being said, satellite images have identified about 17 camps within 9 km of that sector. Although China has promised to withdraw troops in military-level talks, it is on record. Not only that, Beijing is increasing its military reserves in the real border control area.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India knows how to speak with eyes as much as it knows friendship. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the message to the people of India on the last Sunday of the month (June 26) that India would not hesitate to take a tough stance against China.

According to the rules, he appeared on the last Sunday of the month at 11 am. However, in Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, he gave a message to the people and targeted China without naming it. Apart from attacking Corona, Ampan and Pangapal, the Prime Minister also came up with the issue of attack in Ladakh.

He said those who looked at Indian territory in Ladakh had been given a fair response.

Referring to the resistance of the Indian Army against the Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley, Modi said, “Our brave soldiers have shown that they will not allow the glory of Mother India to be tarnished under any circumstances.”

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