UN chief ‘shocked and disturbed’ by video of car sex act in Israel

The United Nations is under various pressures, including criticism of the economy and the Americans. In this situation, the video of a free sex of an official in a UN car went viral in broad daylight in Tel Aviv, Israel. News Times of India.

The United Nations has ordered an investigation into the viral video. This is not the first case of such moral turpitude by the officials of the organization.

Many members of the UN military have been punished for engaging in such immoral activities in African countries.

The video, which was leaked in Israel, shows the UN official car reading “UN”. In that car, a UN official sex with a woman dressed in red.

The video of that incident has recently spread widely on social media. After that, the UN authorities have moved on the issue. An investigation into the incident has been ordered.

The incident took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. The video was taken from a multi-storey building on the side of a busy street.

It was picked up when the car was parked in a road jam. There is a UN officer sitting in the back seat. A woman in an abusive condition on his lap.

UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric made a statement on the video. It said the UN was “shocked and disturbed” to see the video in Tel Aviv.

“The video contradicts the UN’s position on sexual harassment,” Dujarric said. We will investigate the incident very soon and take appropriate action against the culprits. ‘

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