The World Health Organization has made a complete mistake: Sweden

European countries, including Sweden, are at risk in the second wave of corona – Swedish epidemiologist Andras Tognell has rejected the World Health Organization’s warning.

The World Health Organization warned on Thursday that the risk of corona infection was rising in several countries and regions. Of these, 11 are members of the European Union.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tognell told Swedish TV that it was completely wrong information. Corona was on the rise in Sweden because of the increase in Tests.

According to the World Health Organization, 155 people have been identified in the last 14 days in Sweden, an EU member state. Which is higher than other countries in the European region except America.

At a news conference on Thursday, Regional Director Hans Harry Cluj said the re-infection was on the rise in 11 countries, including Sweden.

Apart from Sweden, other countries in the region are Moldova, northern Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Kosovo, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Central Asian states of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

In the Corona epidemic, Sweden has presented itself differently than other European countries. There was no lockdown in the country. Schools and cafes are open, but public gatherings are prohibited. However, most Swedes adhere to social distances.

In a country of 10 million people, 5,230 people have died due to corona. The average daily infection rate in Sweden this week is higher. On Wednesday, 1,610 people were newly infected in the country. Source: BBC

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