Johnson’s powder contains cancer ingredients, fine $2.1 billion

The country’s high court has upheld a lawsuit filed against Johnson & Johnson, a US multinational company, alleging that the powder contained cancer ingredients. As a result, the company will have to pay a fine of $2.1 billion. News agency AFP

A Missouri court has fined Johnson & Johnson $ 4.4 billion for containing deadly carcinogens in its telecom powder. Among the 22 victims of the 2018 verdict, the judge ordered compensation.

However, the state’s appellate court said in its appeal that the fines were reduced because many of the victims were residents outside of Missouri. The High Court on Tuesday upheld the verdict in the long-running case. Johnson & Johnson sold the product to consumers knowing it contained harmful asbestos (cancer ingredients).

The court convicted the company for this. The court ruled that the defendants were a large, multibillion-dollar company. We believe that the imposition of this huge fine was important for this case.

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