Megan Merkel’s heartbreaking video message in protest of Floyd’s murder

George Floyd, a young black man, was brutally murdered by white police in the United States. In protest of this killing, extreme conditions are prevailing in the United States. Protests have spread beyond Trump’s borders to Europe. Anti-apartheid movements have started in several countries, including the United Kingdom.

Megan Merkel, the Duchess of Sussex in Britain, has joined the movement. In a video message, she protested the assassination of George Floyd. The royal bride also mentioned some events in her life in the video. .

Megan also recalls others in the United States who are dying in police custody. “As important as the lives of those I know are important to me, so is the life of Floyd,” she said.

Megan paused a few times to speak. “I wasn’t sure what to say,” she said with a twinkle in the edited video. I just wanted to say, I’m nervous. I understand, it would be wrong not to say anything.

Megan Merkel’s video message in protest of Floyd’s murder.

Megan recounted an experience she had at the age of 15. A teacher gave her the courage to speak up.

Megan lived in Los Angeles in 1992. He saw a riot at that time. U.S. police beat a black man named Rodney King at the time. Floyd was also a victim of the same incident.

On May 25, the white police killed Floyd by holding his knees around his neck. Floyd repeatedly pleaded for help but was not released by the white police.

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