I didn’t hide in the bunker that day, I went to visit there: Trump

US News: Two days ago, the media reported that President Donald Trump was hiding in a bunker for fear of the ongoing protests in the United States against the assassination of black youth George Floyd. However, President Trump has denied the veracity of such reports.

Trump told Fox News Radio that he visited the bunker for a very short time that day. He did not hide in the bunker. Trump claims, this is false news. He was there for a very short time. This is enough time to visit. Sometimes he needs to visit the bunker.

A report in the New York Times quoted a source as saying that Trump was taken to a bunker with security guards on Friday night. He was also criticized for removing protesters peacefully outside Trump’s St. John’s Church on Monday.

But Trump denied ordering police to disperse the protesters, saying, “I did not say remove them. I don’t know who was there. Most religious leaders like to go to my church.”

George Floyd, a black man, was assassinated by U.S. police on May 25. Protests continue across the country. Trump has threatened to deploy troops by issuing Section 1807 to stop the movement.

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