US coronavirus death toll exceeds 100,000, with 1.7M infected

US News: The death toll from the coronavirus in the United States has risen to more than 100,000. 1,713,654 people were infected. Such information has been found by the international survey organization WorldoMetters. Also 464,778 people were reported to have recovered.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at least 141 people died of Covid-19 disease there yesterday. On 25th May the death trole was 73 in this city. This is the lowest number of deaths since Corona started, Cuomo said. This is the good news in this strange reality.

Meanwhile, 54 people died in New Jersey on 25 May. At a news conference on 26 May, Governor Phil Murphy said 11,191 people had died in the state. On Monday, 703 new people were infected there. A total of 155,764 people came positive.

And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said they want to test 50,000 corona every day by August 1st. Symptoms have been seen and people who come in contact with a corona positive patient will be given more attention in the test. Besides, care homes, nursing homes and shelters will also be brought under the test.

On 26th May The Pentagon said that, a new Army member had died of Covid-19 disease. With this, the total number of dead soldiers in the disease stood at three. Six thousand U.S. military members have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The total number of victims in the Ministry of Defense is 9,173 people.

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