Even if China invents the vaccine, we will accept it: Trump

US News: There is no country near the edge of the United States that has been infected and killed by deadly corona. The virus has been most commonly detected in the United States. The number of infected people in the country so far is 1,484,285. In addition, 88,507 people died after being infected.

In such a situation, US President Donald Trump announced from the White House on Friday that whether or not an antidote to this deadly virus comes, the country will be brought back to normalcy.

Announcing new leadership to speed up vaccine production, Trump said in a press briefing, “I want to make one thing clear to everyone. And it is very important. Whether the vaccine comes or not, we will return to normal and we have started the process. ‘

“In many other cases the vaccine has not been developed and the virus or the flu will come, you have to fight against it,” he said.

Trump said what if China discovers a coronavirus vaccine? Will the United States accept it then? I will say ‘yes’. We are working together with different countries to find a vaccine. In fact, we have no ego problems. We have no ego. Whoever discovers the vaccine, it will be something great. We will work with them. They will work with us.

However, Trump has been pointing fingers at China for its recent coronavirus origin. His administration is busy convicting them. But on Friday (May 15), the president of the powerful country suddenly softened the tone about the vaccine.

Later, US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper said the same thing, that the real thing is to get vaccinated. Hopefully, by the end of this year, we will have developed a vaccine that will be used to treat Americans and our partners abroad.

Corona virus has been detected in 4.6 million people worldwide so far. The virus has killed 308,642 people so far. On the other hand, 175,832 of those identified have recovered and returned home. Statistics-based website WorldoMeter reported the latest figures on Saturday (May 16). Of the patients currently being treated, 2,616,549 have mild infections and 54,005 are in critical condition.

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