UK’s Coronavirus death toll tops 40,000, worst in Europe

UK, Europe: The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United Kingdom has exceeded 40,000. It is the deadliest epidemic in Europe. It also raises questions about the ability of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. The news agency Reuters reported this information.

The death toll comes at a time when Boris Johnson is taking a step-by-step plan to revive the economy. He also advised people to wear masks. However, the people of the country are confused about his plan to lift the lockdown.

Leaders in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said the advice given by Boris Johnson would only apply to England. They tell people to stay home.

The pressure is mounting on Johnson in the wake of this huge death toll in Britain. Opposition leaders say he took extra time to announce the lockdown. The pace of extensive testing was also slow. The Tory prime minister also failed to provide adequate security equipment at the hospital.

Horrible images have emerged from the data of care homes. The biggest infection of the virus has occurred in these care homes. ONS statistician Nick Streep told BBC television that the rate of infection reduction in care homes is very slow. Which is deadly tragic. This is the first time that more people have died in care homes than in hospitals.

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