Trump instructed everyone in the White House to wear masks

US News: Officials inside the White House have not given much importance to wearing masks or maintaining social distance. Even President Donald Trump himself did not wear a mask. Eventually, after the three officers’ corona became positive, everyone seemed to be in shock. Officials at the White House are now being told to wear mandatory masks. Trump also said everyone should wear a mask.

The United States has the highest number of deaths from the corona virus in the world. So far, 82,000 people have died in the country and about 1.3 million have been infected with the virus. Even then, officials at the White House, President Donald Trump’s official residence and office, have been running carelessly for so long. But in the end, the coronavirus entered the White House.

Everyone was horrified when one of President Trump’s personal butlers, Vice President Mike Pence’s press officer and a personal assistant to Trump’s daughter Ivanka were recently identified. The president himself became anxious. Since then, Trump and his close associates have been being tested every day.

In such a situation, the staff office has instructed the White House officials and employees to wear masks and maintain social distance. News from the BBC. At a news briefing at the White House’s Rose Garden on Monday (May 11), President Trump said he had ordered the mask to be worn.

Hundreds of people are coming to the White House every day, Trump said. I think wearing a mask is good for everyone. Although Trump did not wear a mask at the briefing. He claims he doesn’t need to wear a mask. Because he is always a little bit away from everyone.

Trump said coronavirus (COVID-19) tests have been increased, adding that allocations for more tests in the states will be increased. For the month of May, $ 11 billion has been allocated for the Corona test only. Trump said the allocation will be based on how many test targets a state has set this month.

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