Coronavirus: Lockdown has been relaxed in France

France, Europe: The lockdown in France has been relaxed since Monday (May 11) as the Corona situation has improved. However, the country’s government has warned citizens that it will take a long time for everything to return to normal. News from the BBC.

Health warnings are also urged to be followed to avoid infection. The French health ministry said 70 people had died in Corona in France on Sunday. This is the lowest death toll in the last few weeks.

The death toll in hospitals and nursing homes stood at 26,380. Although the lockdown has been partially lifted in the country since Monday, various restrictions will remain in place across the country and government-mandated hygiene rules must be complied with.

“Our efforts to control the virus have been successful in the wake of the lockdown,” the country’s health ministry said in a statement. It has saved the lives of thousands of people. We need to be able to take precautionary measures in the future after the lockdown is relaxed. “

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