United States to Remove Patriot Missile Batteries From Saudi Arabia

Middle East: United States is withdrawing Patriot air defense equipment from Saudi Arabia, along with other equipment. With this, the presence of large military equipment in the United States in Saudi Arabia, an ally to prevent Iran, is going to end.

The equipment was sent to boost Saudi military power after tensions with Iran escalated last year. Which the country is now going to gradually remove.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday (May 7), citing officials who declined to be named, that four batteries of the Patriot missile defense system, which can be launched from the ground to the sky, were being removed.

These air defenses were set up to protect ground resources from air and missile attacks. In addition to the batteries, dozens of deployed military personnel will also be deployed to new locations.

The ongoing restructuring of the Patriot defense system has not been disclosed before. Two squadrons of U.S. warplanes have already left the area. U.S. officials are also considering reducing the Navy’s presence in the Gulf.

The decision was made considering that Iran does not appear to be an immediate threat to US interests in the Middle East.

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