Australia has relaxed coronavirus restrictions in three steps

The federal government has announced three steps to ease coronavirus restrictions in Australia. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison after a meeting of national ministers on Saturday morning. In the announcement, the Prime Minister said, “Now it will be up to the state and regional governments to decide when to implement the relaxation of these restrictions.”

The country’s restaurants, cafes and shops are opening in the first phase of the announcement to ease the three-tier restrictions. Five people together in one house, 10 people can be one in any business or public gathering, janaza or wedding. Libraries and playgrounds can be used and local residents within the state can travel any distance. But in all cases social distance must be maintained.

New South Wales is not relaxing any restrictions this week, according to state Premier Gladys Berezclian. Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews said he would have to wait until Monday to learn steps to relax restrictions.

Western Australia’s next move will be announced on Sunday. Among other states and territories, the first phase of relaxation will start on May 16 in Queensland, May 11 in South Australia, May 9 in Canberra, May 18 in Tasmania and May 15 in the Northern Territory.

The government has no plans to lift the international travel ban.

The government of Australia is hopeful that the lives of the Australian people will be restored and normalcy will be restored by lifting the ban. Although coronavirus has not been completely eradicated in Australia, the extent of the infection is under control.

Eighteen people were re-infected across Australia on Friday. The total number of infected people is 6,914. So far, 98 people have died, according to the country’s health department. So far 6079 people have returned home healthy. There have been 757,000 coronavirus detection tests in the country so far. 56 people were admitted to the hospital and 21 people were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU).

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