An Indian doctor died after drinking ‘self-made’ corona syrup

India, Asia: A doctor claims that he made a syrup in his own formula and used it as a medicine to get rid of the deadly coronavirus. Then he drank the syrup himself and died. The incident took place in Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Saturday (May 9), according to ABP Anand.

According to media reports, a 48-year-old doctor named Shivanesan was working for a popular biotech company making cough syrup in Chennai. He had been trying to make Corona medicine for some time. Razkumar who owns the company was helping him in this work.

After a few days of relentless effort, Dr. Shivanesan claims that it is a syrup of corona release by making a liquid drink mixture. They apply this syrup on themselves. But after drinking the syrup, the two started having difficulty breathing. When the condition deteriorated, the staff took them to a nearby hospital and admitted them to the ICU. Although Razkumar was saved, the doctor Shivanesan died.

Doctors said the syrup contained a mixture of nitric oxide and sodium nitrate. Shivanesan died of poisoning. Razkumar survived the journey by drinking less. Returning from the brink of death, Razkumar said Shivanesan bought the chemical from a local market and made the liquid drink by searching the internet.

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