China has launched an investigation into the source of coronavirus

China, Asia: China is conducting an independent investigation to find the source of the worldwide spread of coronavirus. Chinese Ambassador to Berlin Wu Ken made the claim in an interview with a German magazine on Friday, May 8.

The United States has said the virus originated in Wuhan’s laboratory. There the Chinese diplomat gave such information of their opposite transparent investigation. China has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “China has said the allegations are baseless, and has not hidden anything. Maintains transparency.”

“We are going to launch an international investigation,” Wu-Ken told Germany’s The Spiegel newspaper. We support the exchange of research between scientists. ”But we are refusing to allow China to stand trial without any evidence, convict and search for evidence through so-called international investigations.”

Meanwhile, the White House has downplayed Australia’s demands for an independent investigation into the main source of the coronavirus outbreak. That is why the officials of the country are angry with them.

Australia, US and China are planning to revive the economy

The Trump administration in the United States is trying to find a connection to China’s laboratory in the spread of the global epidemic. As a result, Australia is in a bad situation with its biggest trading partner, Beijing. Reuters reported.

Washington has been blaming Beijing for the virus without presenting any evidence. As a result, Beijing is arguing that the demand for an independent Australian investigation is also part of the US-led blame politics agenda. All in all, Canberra is under diplomatic pressure with Washington on the one hand, and the complexity of relations with Beijing on the other.

However, Canberra is planning to revive the economy by managing the Corona outbreak well. At the same time, Australia’s main security ally, the United States, and one of its trading partners, China, are doing the same. Australian officials are now working hard to come up with an open and global-minded review.

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