France: Coronavirus situation is improving, schools are being opened

France, Europe: The situation in Coronavirus (Covid-19) in France is now improving. France is opening schools from next Monday. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanque confirmed the information on Friday. As a result, French students will be able to return to school after a long time.

The country’s education minister, Jean Mitchell, said the schools would be reopened considering where students live and more. He added that the primary school will be opened from Monday. However, there will be 15 students in each class. No more students will be able to take part in any class. Some conditions have been imposed for secondary school.

He said students in areas under the green zone, where infections have already been reduced, will be able to return to school from May 18. But students in areas that are still under the red zone are not able to return to school right now. Because the infection has not decreased there yet. So secondary schools will be opened in those places later.

He added that the high schools would remain closed until at least the beginning of June. Before that, high school students will not be able to return to school.

Note that the number of attacks and deaths in France has started to decrease day by day. In the last 24 hours (May 7), 600 people have been newly identified. 178 people died.

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