Trump now says Coronavirus Task Force will continue ‘indefinitely’

US President Donald Trump has said the White House coronavirus task force will “continue on indefinitely”, reversing course from a day earlier as he described the Covid-19 crisis as “worse” than the 1941 World War II or attack on Pearl Harbor 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Trump changed his mind in just one day. He is maintaining a task force formed by the White House to deal with the epidemic corona virus. Trump said the task force’s activities will continue. Ignoring the lockdown the day before, he said during a visit to Arizona that he would disband the coronavirus task force. News from BBC and Al Jazeera.

Corona has infected more than 1.2 million people in the United States so far. The epidemic killed 74577 people. Even in such a situation, the country’s President Donald Trump is in favor of relaxing the nationwide lockdown. Not only that, the White House formed an emergency task force with Vice President Mike Pence as chairman to deal with Corona.

Meanwhile, President Trump visited the state of Arizona on Tuesday and announced that the task force would be disbanded in a few weeks. After visiting a mask factory, he told reporters that Mike Pence and the task force had done an excellent job of preventing corona. But now we are thinking a little differently. Earlier, he also announced to lift the lockdown step by step.

Health experts in the United States fear that if everything is opened up in the United States, the incidence of corona will increase.

The work of the task force will continue

On the one hand, the horror of the Corona attack and the horror of the loss of life, on the other hand, the reversal of the President – Trump changed his mind in a day of heated discussion and criticism. President Trump has said the task force formed to respond to his administration’s emergency response to Corona will not be disbanded. The work of the task force will continue.

He said Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top infectious disease specialist, and Deborah Barks, the co-ordinating physician for the Corona Virus Task Force, would remain in office. Work must also continue in the Corona Task Force. On May 4, Dr. Fauci told National Geographic in an interview that there was no scientific evidence that the coronavirus had spread from a Chilean lab.

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