President Trump says coronavirus task force to be disbanded

US News: US President Donald Trump is canceling the White House Task Force on Covid-19 Resistance. And the decision could take effect in a few weeks, said his colleague Mike Pence. News from the BBC.

Donald Trump told reporters after visiting a mask factory in Arizona on Tuesday, that Mike Pence and the taskforce have done an excellent job of preventing corona. But now we are thinking a little differently.

The United States has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus that has spread from China’s Wuhan. About 20,000 new corona patients are being diagnosed every day in the country and thousands of people are dying from the coronavirus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of infections in the United States has exceeded 1.2 million and more than 70,000 people have died.

A White House task force is working to prevent corona. The Trump administration is going to cancel it. Trump visited Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, May 5.

At the time, he said, Mike Pence and the task force had done a much better job. But now we want to do something a little different, something different is security and launching. And another group may be formed for this purpose.

The US president, who did not wear a mask during the factory inspection, was asked if the task force had finished its work. In reply he said, no, not yet. When the epidemic is over, the work will be over.

Asked if experts Dr Deborah Barks and Dr Anthony Fawcett would be involved in the coronavirus initiative, Trump said they would and other experts and doctors would be on the ground.

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