An Iranian plane has spread coronavirus in the Middle East: BBC investigation

Middle East: The whole world is trembling with coronavirus. Scientists and researchers are still skeptical about how the deadly virus spread. It is learned that the coronavirus spread in the Middle East through the flight of an airline called Mahan Air of Iran. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are also said to have links to the flight.

The plane flew from Iran to Lebanon and Iraq in violation of a no-fly zone, and for the first time in both countries, the presence of a person infected with the Kavid-19 virus was officially identified. In late January, the Tehran government officially imposed a travel ban on all flights to or from China.

But flight tracking data showed that Iran was the only airline, Mahan Air, violating that ban. Their plane went straight to China, and a BBC investigation has revealed that the Coronavirus spread to the Middle East via this Great Air flight. The United States has said Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have links to the airline.

Some Mahan Air sources say some cabin crew tried to express concern when they saw infected passengers inside the plane, but their mouths were shut. The BBC’s investigation also found that coronavirus-infected people had been flown to Lebanon and Iraq on a Mahan Air flight, and that the first official announcement of a Cavid-19-infected person had been made in those two countries.

Coronavirus infections are now more or less widespread in almost all countries in the Middle East. In Iran, 97,000 people were infected with Kavid 19 and more than 6,000 died.

One thought on “An Iranian plane has spread coronavirus in the Middle East: BBC investigation

  • May 6, 2020 at 10:16 am

    My brothers I love my people I don’t want to much death to happen next month.
    So now I want to tell the scientist that you actually made the research and clear information is found for the treatment of the pandemic now I to tell you that check all satellites move around the there might be one of the satellite caring virus.
    If now not than all the world should stop eating meat for a month and scientist Should follow that because I seen the virus is even reaching the hottest areas in the world which very different that show the virus is seem to be natural.


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